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Do Physicians Respond to Incentives? - Yash-Deep Kahai

YashDeep Kahai

2019 Undergraduate Summers Scholars Research Program

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The Effect of Poor Health on Labor Market Outcomes - Samantha Catlin

Samantha Catlin

2018 Undergraduate Summers Scholars Research Program, 2019 Undergraduate Honors Thesis

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Another Gender Disparity in the C-Suite: Do Beauty Premiums differ between Male and Female CEOs? - Laert Fezullari

Laert Fezullari

2017 Undergraduate Summers Scholars Research Program, 2018 Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Highlights: presented at EEA 2018 & MEA 2018

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Herman Sahni
Assistant Professor of Finance

My research interests include labor economics, health economics, and corporate finance.