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Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance

Baldwin Wallace University

Aug 2016 – Present Ohio


* Dayton C. Miller Inductee Most Influential Professor
  - 2017, 2019

Recent Publications & Working Papers

By applying threshold analysis and quantile regression techniques, we investigate the linearity of the relationship between tourism …

This book chapter discusses the economic valuation of agro waste with an emphasis on developing countries.

This study examines the effect of firm financial efficiency on executive compensation with an emphasis on the US apparel industry.

In this paper, we study the causal relationship between rainfall shock and incidence of domestic violence using the nationally …

This paper presents empirical evidence on the impact of modern energy access and reliability of energy supply on education outcomes.

In this paper, we report the estimates on the effects of co-residing with an older family member needing help with activities of daily …

Our model shows that gender wage gap occurs when working women divert time away from sociability capital accumulation to meet family …

We find that there is significant self selection for female executives to work in high risk segments despite higher dismissal rates and …



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corporate finance (MA) 🗸 🗸
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statistical methods in population health (MPH) 🗸
health economics (MBA) 🗸 🗸
corporate finance 🗸
financial management 🗸 🗸
empirical methods in finance 🗸
business statistics 🗸 🗸 🗸
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SAS programming for Base Certification 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
intro to business 🗸
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labor economics 🗸
microeconomics (principles) 🗸 🗸

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Baldwin Wallace University

Job Search 101, Midwest Economics Association conference

University of Kentucky Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program